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Prospec MI Paste

BUY ONLINE or call 949-552-6334

MI Paste

MI Paste - Our price: $24
Shipping and Handling: $7 per order

CAUTION: Recaldent is derived from milk casein. Do NOT use if you have a MILK PROTEIN Allergy.

NOTE: MI paste is NOT a toothpaste and should not be applied like toothpaste i.e. do not brush your teeth with it. MI paste is applied to the tooth with either a finger or can be applied in either a custom whitening tray if you have one) or a boil and bite tray. Mi paste can also be professionally applied by the hygienist with a polishing cup during your prophylaxis (tooth cleaning). Recommended to leave on the tooth for 3-5 minutes and then expectorate (spit out). For maximum benefit, do NOT rinse with water after application.

Teeth need calcium, phosphate and fluoride. Healthy saliva contains these minerals, and in conjunction with certain salivary proteins is able to deliver bio-available calcium and phosphate to the tooth surface during the demineralization/remineralization process. Calcium and phosphate are known to help:

  • Strengthen tooth enamel
  • Reduce sensitivity
  • Buffer plaque acid PROSPEC

MI Paste contains RECALDENT(CPP-ACP). This technology has a unique ability to deliver bio-available calcium and phosphate when they are needed most. PROSPEC MI Paste binds calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces, plaque and surrounding soft tissue. The RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) technology releases the calcium and phosphate when a patient's saliva is acid challenged by the normal digestive process.

MI Paste

For more information, please view the MI Paste Datasheet!
(requires Adobe Reader)

MI Paste - Our price: $24
Shipping and Handling: $7 per order

These items can be ordered by calling our dental office at 949-552-6334 (Mon through Thursday 8am - 5pm PST).