zoom2lampThe Zoom Chairside Whitening System


First there was Zoom, then Zoom 2 and now the release of the ZOOM ADVANCED POWER Chairside Whitening Lamp!

Stonecreek Dentistry is one of the few dental offices in Orange County to offer the NEW Zoom Advanced Power Whitening System – Make your appointment today: 949-552-6334.

Here is what’s NEW…It has an advanced Optical Alignment System for optimal results and an Intuitive LCD control panel for precise tracking of the bleaching procedure and cycle times.

Zoom! Advanced Power’s enhanced patent pending formula is clinically proven to whiten 50% of patients to B1 or better when used with the Zoom! Advanced Power Chairside Whitening Lamp. Average Zoom appointment takes approximately 2 hours in office, 1 hour for the zoom whitening itself, 30 minutes to isolate, and then about 30 minutes to go over post op instructions. We use the ZOOM 2 CHAIRSIDE PROCEDURE KIT TWIN PACK in combination with the NEW ZOOM ADVANCED POWER LIGHT which gives 50% of patients to B1 whitening or better in three 15 minute sessions with an ENHANCED LIGHT ACTIVATED FORMULA of 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel.

The ZOOM 2 gel works due to the “photo-fenton” reaction of peroxide and iron. The peroxide component reacts with the iron to produce hydroxyl radicals, a.k.a. “stain terminators.” The light reaction cyclically renews the iron, so it continues to produce hydroxyl radicals, significantly enhancing whitening results. In a clinical study, the Zoom Chairside Whitening System whitened teeth 26% better when the Zoom Lamp was used versus whitening with the Zoom 2 Chairside Gel alone. If you’ve been waiting for the ultimate in speed and efficacy, the wait is over.

Faster, More Comfortable & More Effective

  • 33% FASTER – An average of 8 shades
  • 67% Less Sensitivity – Zoom patients experience 67% less sensitivity than those treated with the original Zoom! system – a system heralded for its low sensitivity characteristics.
  • EASIER – The new zoom2 advanced optical guidance system ensures quick, precise patient set-up for optimal results.

ZOOM Advanced Power Chairside Whitening Lamp

  • 33% reduced chair time
  • Streamlined design
  • Locking casters
  • Comfortable for patient – low heat


  • The property Zoom2 gel works due to the “photo-fenton”
    reaction of peroxide H2O2 and iron Fe3
  • The peroxide reacts with the iron to produce hydroxyl radicals –
    “stain terminators”
  • A light reaction cyclically renews the iron so it can continue to
    produce hydroxyl radicals – more effectively whitening teeth


Special ZOOM offer:

Get your teeth ZOOMED and also have FREE PROFESSIONAL WHITENING TRAYS made with take home bleaching gel and desensitizing gel all for only $399.00. Most dentists charge the same or more for just the ZOOM.

Get your teeth ZOOMED without the take home system for only $349.00.

Please note: To achieve the maximum whitening with in office 1 hr bleaching it will require 2-3 Zoom sessions. As there is only so much whitening that can be achieved in 1 hr and due to the expense of multiple zoom sessions, we are offering the take home system free in order to continue the bleaching process. As most bleaching causes tooth sensitivity which can be very uncomfortable, we give you the desensitizing gel as an added bonus. Call now to make your whitening appointment. 949-552-6334.