If you desire a straighter smile, make an appointment with us to discuss your orthodontic needs. Gone are the days of painful metal braces that impede your speech and cause severe discomfort. Now, we are able to offer you an alternative orthodontic option called invisalign. Invisalign is a non braces approach using a series of clear removeable retainers that make straightening your teeth more comfortable than conventional braces. This is particular suitable for those who want an almost invisible system to straighten teeth. Since Invisalign is removeable, one can clean and floss effectively without intereference from the wire of braces. Invisalign is not for everyone and is best for those non complicated cases where simple and limited tooth movement is desired. The average treatment time is one yr. Based on our experience thus far, invisalign does not give perfection and the length of treatment may be extended with a refinement if we don’t achieve the anticipated result based on the invisalign software. If you are want perfection, we do recommend you see an orthodontist who has the ability to combine invisalign with a short period of wearing braces to achieve perfection. Today, orthodontists are able to also offer you ceramic braces which although are not invisible offer a a less noticeable appearance. Modern, gentle high tech wires make treatment easier and faster than invisalign. Braces are not just for kids anymore. People of many ages are taking advantage of orthodontics to make their smile more appealing.

Come see what braces can do for you! Make an appointment today to see if you’re an invisalign candidate. Request an appointment today.