Teeth Cleaning

We have some of the best dental hygienists around. Rachael, Roxanne, and Staci not only give you a sparkling clean smile but they make sure you are comfortable and well taken care of during your visit. Take a moment and read a few of their awesome reviews.

The extensive research directly linking poor oral health and systemic disease is overwhelming. Recent studies link heart attacks and strokes to gum disease as well as a whole host of other diseases at which one is at risk for with poor dental health. Regular dental visits with our hygienists help keep your teeth and gums healthy, minimizing these risks. By attending regular continuing educational courses, our hygienists to provide you with the latest periodontal(gum) therapies to further minimize the risks of Periodontal(gum) disease.

Having your teeth cleaned regularly also helps maintain a bright white smile. Many stains can be removed by the hygienist during a professional hygiene appointment, leaving your teeth polished to a beautiful shine.